MS Teams Class Notebooks – device features

Things you need to know!

There are a variety of differences between the traditional OneNote we are adopting in our daily and professional lives, and the Class Notebook for institutions/schools available for Teachers and Students.

I have been doing a lot of comparisons between Teams and Teams for EDU and TBH – my favorite feature in the Education license is the Class Notebook! It’s such a great tool, with an incredible variety of options for teachers to facilitate their classes and student learning in ways they never could imagine.

In this post, I would like to help you understand the feature differences when using the Class Notebook across different devices. Many of my clients struggle with the differences across devices.

Using OneNote on your laptop vs your smartphone will be different.

If you don’t feel like reading through the entire table below, I will highlight the most important features for you to be aware of:

  1. OneNote for Windows 10 will provide you with ALL the bells and whistles of OneNote with some deprecated features from OneNote 2013/2016
  2. OneNote 2013/2016 will provide you with almost all the bells and whistles minus the interactive learning features such as – ink to shape (eg. drawing a circle and converting it to a perfect circle) and the step-by-step math solver (eg. Your student’s virtual TA!)
  3. OneNote for iPad has a considerable feature set versus the OneNote for Android tablet
  4. OneNote for iPhone, Android Phone and Android Tablet are very limited in their features.

If you are a teacher or facilitator using OneNote on your mobile devices, you will not have the ability to:

  • Add/remove students and teachers
  • Distribute pages and sections
  • Grade assignments via LMS
  • Share links with parents
  • Review student work

As of August 2020 – Screenshot of a detailed feature comparison list courtesy of Microsoft.

Link to the most updated version is here.

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