Brand your virtual background in MS Teams – create a space relevant to your audience.

So why would you care to create your own background? Here are some use cases I have seen:

  • For external meetings – to showcase your company products and brand
  • For internal meetings – to display project updates and timelines
  • For new team meetings – to tell a story about yourself, your interests and hobbies
  • For webinars – to display your contact info and social media handles

Of course you can use the existing background images available – even the background blur to blur away those dying plants behind you. But I say – why not have some fun!

For those of you who are ready to take your video calls to the next level, here’s how.

Follow these simple steps to create a personal or professional background for your video calls.

  1. Open a blank presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint.
  2. Use the Insert functionality to browse Stock Images available to you royalty free! You can find stock images, icons, cutout people and stickers. Of course, use images you have personally stored as well.
  3. Use design ideas to find a layout and design you may like – let Microsoft’s artificial intelligence do the design work for you.
  4. Make it look nice. Your video will be displayed in the middle of the slide, so build your theme around your video.
  5. Save the slide as a jpg.

Join your MS Teams meeting.

Open your options menu, select Show Background Effects and +Add New – I can’t guarantee these options are available to you when using the web version of Teams – I would recommend using the Desktop client.

"Show background effects" selection in Microsoft Teams.

FYI – when you upload your personalized background, it will appear to be flipped and confusing.

Your view
Their view (it works!)

Have fun with it!

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  3. Choose video layouts

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