Thinking of rolling out the Teams app in MS Teams the “right” way?

This particular post is focused on some the questions to ask when rolling out the Teams application in Microsoft Teams. The app everyone sees and, rarely uses. The app below “Chat” and above “Calendar”. Yup, that one!

Every organization wants to roll out Microsoft Teams the “right” way. Unfortunately, the “right” way for one organization, may not be the “right” way for another organization. Setting up the environment requires thought (alot of thought) and, an open mind!

Many times, I work with clients who want to use all the shiny tools and, other clients who want to limit the feature set to avoid creating an over-whelmed workforce, already fatigued after months and months of battling this pandemic.

Wherever you are on that spectrum, my goal is to work with my clients to get them to where they want to be.

As I focus on driving the notion of modern teamwork across the globe (how fun is my job!), beyond Chats and Meetings – I start with a basic set of questions to get you thinking, to create curiosity and, more importantly to extract your hopes and dreams with a Microsoft Teams rollout. Once we have gone through the first set of questions, I am able to formulate the next set of questions which really start to drive out the true requirements and governance desired.

I have shared a subset of the questions with you below. If you can confidently answer ALL of the questions, you are headed in the right direction to a successful MS Teams rollout. If you are able to answer 50% of the questions confidentially, well, you are half way there to almost being on your way to a successful MS Teams rollout!

Wherever you are in your journey, if your goal is to truly power your teams and drive the concepts of modern teamwork to them with co-authoring, sharing, collaborating and driving business processes with automation – you need to answer these questions to start.

  1. Do you want your users to be able to create Teams at their leisure? Do you require a request be submitted and approved?
  2. Do you want all the Teams in your environment to follow a naming convention? Some examples include – CAN – Human Resources | US – Human Resources, PRJ – Top Secret, DEPT – Information Technology. The possibilities are endless, find something that makes sense for your organization, if desired.
  3. Do you want to give users the option of creating/requesting both Public and Private Teams?
  4. Do you wish private Teams to be discoverable by non-members?
  5. Will you be configuring your environment to enable Guest Access? If so, will all Teams be open for external collaboration by default?
  6. Would you like to have pre-configured templates when Teams are provisioned? Channels, tabs, folder structures, and many more options are available!
  7. Do you have any metadata requirements for your Teams? Perhaps sensitivity labels you want to manually or automatically apply?
  8. Would you like unused Teams to expire after 30/60 days? A notification and reminder can be sent to the Group Owner(s) based on your requirements.
  9. Do you currently have a training site/platform/contact for users to access when they need help in MS Teams?
  10. Are you excited?!

If you made it to question 10 – your answer will be Yes!

As mentioned earlier, these are a handful of questions you need to answer to get you on your way to rolling out the Teams app in MS Teams. These are certainly NOT the only questions, however, I strongly believe, if you can answer these questions confidently – the rest will all fall into place seamlessly!

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